Basic Primal Polarity Facilitation Course


The Basic Primal Polarity Facilitation Course is geared to those who are new to IPP and the first six polarities called the Primal Polarities. This course offers the basics and foundations of the Primal Polarities and provides the following features:

  • 6 Basic Primal Polarity Facilitation Videos
  • 6 Basic Primal Polarity 1-on-1 Audio Facilitations
  • 24 Primal Polarity Virtue Facilitation Videos
  • 24 Primal Polarity Virtue Meditations Audios (Downloadable)
  • 6 module Primal Polarity Overview Video Courses ( Refresher Courses )
  • 8 module Intro to IPP Video Courses ( Refresher Courses )
  • 3 Printable IPP Charts
  • 1 Time Purchase
  • No Membership Fees
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