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Waking up,
Growing up

There is nobody doing more leading-edge work on the integration of Eastern and Western approaches to consciousness and growth than John Kesler.  His fully integral approach includes conventional and contemplative dimensions of psychology and spirituality, spanning body and mind and spirit and shadow, a truly remarkable and effective approach.  I give his work my highest recommendation.
— Ken Wilber


What is IPP?

Integral Polarity Practice (IPP) is designed to support a person in “waking up” and “growing up” as well as in developing a healthy integration of body, emotions, mind and Spirit.  IPP also provides a framework for interrelating and integrating deeper internal awareness with more inspired, passionate and creative action in the world: “showing up”. It provides strategies for working productively with polarities in relational and organizational settings.  

In short, IPP is a practice that supports human flourishing.




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For those in the Salt Lake area, the IPP Institute offers weekly classes at the beginning of each new year where you can deepen your understanding of the practice. As a community, we engage stimulating and growthful practices including meditation, voice dialogue, movement, group discussion.


John Kesler is a certified scorer of the StAGES developmental assessment tool. If you’re interested in learning more about your personal development–both challenges and opportunities–contact us to arrange an assessment.


Throughout the year, we offer one to three-day workshops that provide students an opportunity to dive much deeper into the practice. See our calendar for upcoming offerings or subscribe to our email list.



One on one guidance in IPP, especially early on in the practice, is a powerful way of touching into new aspects of the self as well as internalizing the most basic patterns of the practice. John and Thomas are both available by appointment for private coaching.


In order to support the IPP global community, we host monthly calls where you can ask John and Thomas questions about the practice as well as explore different aspects of the polarities in an online setting. See calendar for dates.


Polarity practice is a powerful tool for creatively engaging conflict and discovering higher order solutions to challenges that arise within organizations. Contact the IPP Institute for a consultation on how IPP can bring greater depth and vibrancy to your organization’s mission and expression in the world.



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