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John Kesler has created the richest matrix that covers development through the whole spectrum of consciousness from birth through personal individuation into the heart of Big Mind. Kesler provides exquisite detail within an elegant and comprehensive structure. His polarity map illuminates the still points between polar opposites at 20 or so junctures along the way. By clarifying just what the fundamental tensions are he has deepened our understanding of human development and experience in a profound way.
— Susanne Cook-greuter


During the 1990’s John was one of the first four individuals certified by Genpo Roshi, then head of the largest Zen lineage headquartered outside of Japan, to share his newly developed “Big Mind” process.  “Big Mind” utilizes the voice dialogue technique to enable individuals to access and speak from various aspects of themselves including transcendent voices. Due to John’s integral background, he was interested in what “voices” showed up relating to each emergent stage of human development.  He spent several years facilitating a small group of people exploring this territory.  

Over time it became clear that when a particularly prominent voice spoke up, its polar opposite wanted to do the same. Through meticulous practice, both individual and group, John began to understand how polar voices might relate to one another in the context of increasing maturity. In this process John intuited that a “still point” voice that represented the aware essence of the entire polar field of a polarity could be accessed.  A distinct Integral Polarity Practice (IPP) began to emerge. John’s own sensibilities–including integral theory, Mormonism and broad exposure to other spiritual and meditative traditions–undoubtedly influenced this emerging framework and practice.  

Over the years, fine tuning of the developmental stage aspects of IPP were deeply influenced first by Susanne Cook-Greuter, PhD and her mentoring and later by Terri O’Fallon, PhD, particularly in the context of her development of the StAGES model of human development.  John interfaced extensively over the years with Dr. O’Fallon and her colleagues, co-engaged in research relating to higher stages of development, and became certified in scoring and debriefing personal development using the STAGES Theory model. Through all of this interface with the StAGES model and its development over the years, John would have a difficult time in certain aspects of IPP defining exactly where STAGES stops and IPP begins and visa versa.






John Kesler

John Kesler lives in Salt Lake City, Utah and divides his time in four general ways. He practices and shares integral polarity practice, a practice developed by John, grounded in mindfulness which works with polarities throughout the spectrum of one’s being and the breadth of one’s life, relationships and organizations. He is a social activist who leads a non-profit called the Salt Lake/Global Civil Network which does integrally informed social and political transformation work locally and networks globally.  John is a practicing commercial transactional attorney, and he spends lot of time with his wife, Colleen (Freddie), his two children and their families. John does consulting, teaching and writing primarily in the first two areas mentioned in ways that are deeply interpenetrating.




Thomas McConkie

Thomas serves as faculty at Pacific Integral where he researches adult development and co-facilitates the acclaimed program Generating Transformative Change (GTC). He is the author of the book Navigating Mormon Faith Crisis and founder of the Lower Lights Sangha. A meditator for nearly twenty years, he brings a unique, contemplative-evolutionary perspective to Mormonism. He lives in Salt Lake City with his wife Gloria.